Sunday, 16 October 2011

Steak Sunday @ Jack's Place

Although this is a travel and photography blog I thought I'd make a post about my food adventures too. Trying different foods when travelling, I say, is essential for you to experience the real taste of the place you're visiting.

Well, even if we are not travelling, we'd like to try different restaurants. Singapore, even it's just a tiny island, offers a variety of restaurants. From Chinese to Western cuisines, for sure you will find whatever your taste pallet wants.

This week we tried "Jack's Place". This is my 2nd time eating here. I brought my friend because he loves steak and I know that Jack's Place serves one of the best steaks in Singapore.

The one that we visited is located at Century Square Mall in Tampines. They are located at the lower ground floor of the mall. Their place is quite small here. But if you don't like to queue for long hours, I suggest you visit this branch, as their location is somewhat hidden.

Below is the inside of the restaurant. Quite dark, I would say, but I love that the place is not too noisy, so this is a good place for a nice chit chat while enjoying your steak.

I ordered for their specialty which is Jack's Place steak. I had it well done. And they didn't disappointment me, it was a delicious steak. It had veggies (green peas, cabbage and corn) and a baked potato (topped with mayonnaise, bacon and spring onion)

As for my drink, I opted for what they call, Infusion Ice Fruits Tea. It had bits of watermelon, dragon fruits, and other fruits I cannot remember (sorry). It was a nice drink. If you want a tropical drink that's different of what you usually get, this is the good alternative.

In terms of the taste, I would really recommend Jack's Place, but unfortunately I am not quite happy with the service. We waited for about 30 mins for our food to be served. Plus they don't accept Nets so don't forget to bring some cash or your credit card. But it's still worth a try, just bring a whole lot of story while waiting.

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