Sunday, 23 October 2011

Dinner at Astons Specialities - Singapore

Today, at last, we were able to eat at Astons Specialities. We tried their branch in Suntec City Mall. I've been wanting to eat here but there's always a very long queue in any of their store! It was around 5 when we went and that seemed to be the best time.

They offer western cuisine. It was not very pricey at all! That must be the reason for long queues.

It was quite dark inside their restaurant. The music could have saved the mood but they opt to play some fast paced songs and for some reason made us feel sleepy. I don't know why. But I liked those cowboy themed paintings hanging on the wall.

I had steak last week, so tonight I asked for what they call Hickory BBQ Chicken. Then you select 2 side dishes. I requested for potato salad and veggie garden (baby carrots and broccoli). (All for SGD 7.90).

When I first tasted the BBQ chicken, it was very delicious! But as I finished it, it just kind of ordinary, but I still like it. Potato salad and the veggies were really really good too.

My friend opted for the Black Pepper Steak. Too bad, I was not able to taste it, but he said he really liked it! He got the Potato Salad too and Pasta salad (he said it was good too). (All for SGD13.50)

Yeah, it's quite satisfying here especially when you see your bill after you finish your food. But of course, in terms of the service, you will get what you paid for :)

For our drinks, I asked for softdrink (SGD 1.50 - surprisingly cheap!) and root beer (SGD 1.50)for my friend.

I want to come back and eat here next week!

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