Saturday, 29 October 2011

Singapore : dinner @ uncle's kitchen in Bugis Junction Mall

First i have to say that i am so glad with Singtel with their iphone 4s launch. I didnt have to queue! When i arrived, i went straight to the counter and got my iphone - pay - go! Thats it! (i am not sure if i have to create an entire post just for iphone 4s. The phone is fantastic!)

After i got my phone, we tried this restaurant in Bugis. It's located at the center of the basement. They dont really have that proper restaurant and they are sharing the place with the other stores. We ate there because we know its cheap! :)

Using my new iphone 4s, here are the photos I've taken :

First, look at that shot from my iphone 4s! ~ my friend tried their Sweet and Sour pork for SGD 7.50

Mine was the Ikan Bilis Fried Rice - I liked it but I wish there was a lot of other ingredients into it. SGD 6.90)

Our drinks. On the left is my Milk Tea with Pearl and my friend had Peach Milk tea (my friend really liked it, mine was just so-so)

My friend was not able to book for an appointment in the Singtel event so we went to the Hello Shop at Bugis. Too crowded. I don't know where people in Singapore put their old phones. It seems that they change it every 3 months.

We really wanted to buy covers and protectors for our iphone 4s and we came across this store inside Iluma mall. They have the cheapest iphone and all other phone brands covers and protectors. My cover was only SGD 8 and the protector was SGD 8.

We rushed going home as we cannot wait to try Siri. The train is not too crowded ( yeah, the train in Singapore gets too crowded during the rush hours)

By the way, I am planning to use my iphone 4s for my future photo and video blogs. Let's see what will happen. Happy Sunday!

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