Sunday, 30 October 2011

Singapore - dinner @ Pastamania!

I always eat at Pastamania if I am craving for pasta and some cheesesticks... and if I am stressed out. Maybe it's more of a comfort food for me. Pasta, cheese, pizza... definitely!

And today, since I am feeling weak and stressed out, we ate at Pastamania! We ordered the same food we always eat. I like Pastamania because they have a wide selection of Italian food at a very affordable price.

Our drinks and this soup were add-on for only SGD 3.70. The mushroom soup was just ok. 

We ordered Chicken Cheese Salsiccia, mine in Spaghetti and my friend's was Linguine at SGD 9.90 each. I LOVE THIS! I really recommend you to try this! 

I love cheese, so I poured 'some' of the cheese served on the table :)

And aside from the pasta above, this really is a must try! Their Cheese stick. I can eat this all day, everyday!

Pastamania is everywhere in Singapore. We visited the one in Tampines Mall. It's not as cozy as the other restaurant but if you want a quick and delicious food, you have to try Pastamania.

As what their banner say : Quick casual dining. Indeed!

Oops, another one, they serve Italy's number one pasta.

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